Photography, Writing, Art, Music, Assistant, Web Design

by Jilian Jacob-Linares
(Brick, New Jersey, United States of America)

Original Photograph

Original Photograph

Original Photograph
Edited Version

Name: Jilian Jacob-Linares

Age: Twelve (Thirteen on October 24th, 2013)
Grade: 8th

In third grade, I was selected, along with some other talented students, to attend a writing convention for young authors in my state.

In fourth grade, I was introduced to the world of web design by my father. I designed web pages for myself, my friends, and my classmates.

In fifth grade, I received an award for writing the best anti-drugs essay in my grade, as part of the D.A.R.E. program.

In sixth grade, I began experimenting with photography, which soon became a favorite hobby of mine.

In seventh grade, I joined the drama club. I joined the prop team, and quickly worked my way to being named director of props and scenery. I instructed a team of 10 in creating the beautiful artwork used in our school production of "Wonderland." I was our director and teacher's right hand woman, assisting wherever needed. I was fully recognised during our curtain call. I soon began experimenting with different styles of art, and my love of artwork escalated.

I am a daring, adventurous girl with a lot to prove. I've been described as "firey", and my teachers call me "direct, upfront, and honest." I've got a wild appearance, with a personality to match. Of course, however, I know how to dress for the occasion, and would never dress inappropriately for a specific job.

Photographhy Instagram Account: @likecloudswedrift

One of the photographs included depicts my best friend sitting in a field. Using the "Paint" application on my laptop, I edited him out, as shown in another included photo.

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