Photography/Pet- Sitting/ Decoration

by Torie


Ever since I can remember , I've loved taken pictures. This sunset, that animal, etc. It goes on and on, until its the scene, and me. You name it , you got it. I love taking pictures of anything, it just makes me happy. I know millions of camera tricks that give you exactly what you want, and if you give me a chance , I can show youu. (:


Also, I like every animal known to study. Just be sure to clarify any allergies, special conditions, or if your pet has had it's vaccinations so I may erase any confusion that is serious before you leave. From your hyper puppy, to your scared-y-cat, I can handle it. Whatever your case, I have the patience.


Your taste=my taste ! If you need help around your home, let me lend you some hands. Just give ms a price range , a few tools , and lets go shopping for decorative ___ (:

I have a good heart for animals, patience, I'm friendly, and I love styling anything.

Gotta Start Somewhere *

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