How to Make Money Taking Pictures of Cats and Dogs
By Alexa Loda

Pets are hugely popular in the US. In fact, hundreds of animals are being adopted out into loving families every day. That means hundreds of pet owners wanting pictures of their pets to decorate their house with, put on holiday cards, or to send to loved ones. You may think that it takes a big studio, lots of money, and a fancy camera to gets some cash from this endeavor, but that is not the case. Let me explain how to get started.

   The first thing you have to think about is where you will be taking the pictures. Professional pet photographers use a big studio to take pictures of various pets, but truth is, it’s not needed.  You just need a medium sized room where you can hang back drops/set up props. Props can really add to a photo, especially near the holidays. Make sure that the room doesn’t have a lot of light coming through because it could ruin the perfect picture. P

   After you think you’ve found the perfect space, think about what camera you are going to use to take the pictures. DLSR cameras work best, but regular cameras can be just as good in the right situation. Ask your parents if they have a DLSR camera you could use for the photo taking. Another plus to have is a tripod. A tripod is a three legged stand that holds a video camera or camera still why you take the picture, so it doesn’t come out blurry. Clearness of a photo will be essential.  If you don’t have one, try searching the web. They are pretty cheap.

   Next, you should promote your business. Ask your parents if they know anyone who would like their pet’s photo taken. Also try hanging up fliers in your neighborhood. At your school, you can tell your friends to spread the word. I’m sure there are many people in your neighborhood looking for someone to take their pets pictures. Emails to family members are another great idea. Get creative!

   Some people’s pets will be easier than others to photograph, so know how much you can handle. If you feel more comfortable with small dogs, make sure you tell people that. You should be aware of what you can and can’t photograph. Another tip is to use treats often. They can be great for unresponsive pets who get distracted easily, and the pictures will come out a lot better.

   Remember, always have parent supervision when doing anything around other peoples pets, but most importantly have fun, and watch the cash come in!

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