Programming, creating banners, editing videos,video game testing, creating websites w/ domains

by Gabriel Gonzalez
(Miami, Florida, United States of America )

Programming- in programming l do very basic computer programming and I'm currently making a video game

Creating banners- in creating banners, I just be creative and make whatever you tell me to do like YouTube banners ect.

Editing videos- I think at editing videos I'm very good at because I know how to edit green screen X & Y chromicity and the brightness. I also could put ci FX Sfx Ect. Anything you could think of

Creating websites- in creating websites, I think I'm very good because I even have a website and a domain of my own. I offer cheapness. $6/month including domain. Check out my website at (stands for CreatedByGabe. Also available in mobile versions

Video game testing- scince I program video games, I could find glitches in the game, to see if the game is worth selling as is.

Selling electronics- not really an online job and is my "current position" . I'm selling tablets on OXL, MercadoLibre and EBay. Averaging $100 every 6 months.

I just want to make more than $100 every 6 months. Please help

(I could not post any pictures because I was unable to get any .jpg or .gif images scince I could not convert them because I'm using a mobile phone.

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