Real Estate Investing On The Beautiful Island of Maui...for As Little As 30?

Did you know that your kids can make money in real estate investing without having to take out a loan...dealing with tenants...or costing a fortune?

I want to share with you how your kids can invest in the most gorgeous property in Maui, California, Canada, Florida, or even Argentina...easily...with practically pocket change! And no hastle.

There are three simple ways: stocks, mutual funds, or REITs (real estate investment trust) accounts.

Some of my favorite real estate stocks that my kids own are:

Alex & Baldwin (they're a sugar manufacturer and one of the largest land owners on gorgeous Maui) Symbol: ALEX

St. Joe's (the largest developer on the panhandle of Florida), Symbol: JOE

Tejon Ranch (largest landowner in booming California) Symbol: TLC, and

Cresud (largest commercial and cattle rancher in Paris-like Argentina) Symbol: CRESY

And som of my favorite real estate mutual funds include:

Third Avenue Value Fund

Third Avenue Real Estate Fund

Legg Mason Value Trust Fund

And the best part about these funds is the minimums are low and the fees are reasonable...just what I'm looking for in my kid's investments!

Get current real estate investing stock quotes here. Also, another top mutual fund, Plum Creek timber, owns stunning land in Canada.

Did you know that timber stocks have outperformed ALL investments for the past 33 years? It's the secret currency that the rich and famous rely on.

Now, I want to remind you that I'm NOT a stockbroker or financial planner...just a passionate investor with my kids...guiding them on their journey to become future millionaires!

I'm always on the look out for real estate investing stocks and mutual funds that are solid, safe, and inexpensive.

So check back often as I add more favorites to the list...and feel free to let me know what your favorites dad always tells me that "two heads are better than one!"

Investing in real estate companies is some of the safest, most profitable and FUN) ways to grow your kids money over the long term.

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