Secret Shopper, Baby Sitting, Tutoring

i just turned 13 years old on December 14. i really like spending time with my friends and i like to make people smile. one thing i love to do when hanging out with friends is go shopping! one day my friend told me there was this job you can do called Secret Shopper, and you get payed to go shopping! i looked into it and i noticed how most of them, you have to be 18 years or older! i was upset because i'm totally fit for this job! i'm observant, responsible, and i keep track of time well! i want a job because i'm running out of money for presents and i'm saving up for my sister's birthday present! i wanted to get her something she really wanted for a long time, i noticed she always got something for me on my birthday and i never did. so i decided to get something for her this year, something big. and to do so, i have to have money. this is one of the most fit job! i also love little kids. i spend time with the little kids at my church and help out there. i know how to take care of them pretty well. i know how to change their clothes and diapers... i'm also a very good tutor. i've tutored a few kids before. i have straight As and i skipped a grade when i was younger, i also am in Honors Geometry, and i'm in 8th grade. This means i'm supposed me in Algebra , but i'm ahead of the game! :) so that's why i want that time of job! THank you

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