sell the thing like clothes

by Maya Willis
(Philipines daragang,Albuy)

Hi my name is maya im just 13 years old. i like to sell the clothes online but that before. now i want to find the work for 13 year old. my dad said you need to study so i studies hard to have a god job. i from thailand but i stay in philipines now i stay here 3-4 month already .i very happy that have work for my age .i dont want to ues my dad monney. i want to made monney by my self. i hope you can help me!about job online. i can sell the clothes or playing a game (life).sometime i made a pages but ....that not very well so i delate that out i also can write a story but i not think that will we a job that you can help me..haha that loke a bit funny that i can have a job went im 13 years old?! OMG if someone know it i have have troble. but that okay i want that thank for reading my story for finding a work.and very sorry about a picture i didnt have picture went im this age i have just went i was young but im sure that mine!.

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