selling homemade crafts

by Mallory

since i was little, i have loved to dance, sing, make crafts. and im trying to find a job on one these hobbies i like to do. But its a little hard because right now its a hard time to find jobs. Ive always loved little kids, too. At my church, with my moms permission, i would go to the nursery and ask whoever was there if they needed help babysitting the kids. And when they said yes i would get excited because i love playing with little kids and watching them laugh and learn. I actually made fliers and put them in the nursery so i could try to make money. But sadly, i did'nt get any calls or request from people asking if i could babysit their kids for awhile. So, its kind of hard for me to find a job.

And during the summer,when my mom went scuba diving she would find shells that did'nt have any living things in them and she would give them to me so i could clean them, paint them and sell them. It was a very fun job to do because like i said one of my hobbies are making homemade crafts.

But what im looking for is a job that pays a good deal. Not to much not to little. Something thats fun and one of my hobbies. Something i could make money from. Also,during the summer, my mom works in a medical supply store and i wanted to help out so i would put files on the shelves, vacuum the floors. and i asked for only $1 per hour and at the end of that day i would come up with $5 dollars which was pretty good! I kept doing it every day and then one time i came up with $15! so it was a pretty good deal but it was'nt a very fun job for me. so please help me find a job that i would love, get paid and have fun with. Thank you!:)

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