Social Working (networking, programming, etc)

by Isabella
(Medford OR USA)

My Name Is Isabella DeVlaeminck. I have always been into computers and programming, in fact i even helped create a game called Zombie Bash, made by the ex-mangers of EA. But...I've had MUCH trouble trying to get my own money. I've set a goal =

1.Used Car (for when i'm 16) that is about $10,000

I'm 12 years old & am officially certified as a TAG student(stands for talented and gifted). Ive tried,, and tons of other ways to use my brain and earn some cash. My mother already told me she won't be able to pay for my college and I'll try to be Valedictorian happens.

Maybe we could make a deal? i send you a photocopy of my grades and you help me out with earning the money for college (by that i mean tips)? I don't know but...It would definitely be helpful :)

also, I've contacted UCLA and CALARTS. Both colleges gave me the guidelines to getting in and told me what i need to do. They have also sent me Info packets,etc. But I'm planning on being in the arts, specifically a director in film. I'm willing to do any steps it takes to get me there.

Thank You for spending your time reading this e-letter and if you need to contact me please email:

one last father left me when i was 6 and my mother married my step-dad who is a trucker, His whole family doesn't act like a family, and plays favorites and brags about their new Jessica Simpson Boots (barf) idk maybe a little online job would be no match for their expensive shoe-wear *giggles*

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