Taking Online Surveys

by Suyog

Hello i am Suyog.I am from country Nepal which lies in South Asia.My country is not too developed.Ilive at capital city of Nepal {Kathmandu} I study at SOS HGS School.

Iam 13 years old.I am not from too rich family.I want job for taking online surveys which gives me more money and which would help me for further study.I hope you will provide me a good job which would help me to earn many money for my study.Now I dont have anything to tell about me now i will hope to earn many money for me and my study.

I had also created email adress.

My telephone number:014786677
Dad number :9751000000
MY Email :suyogparajuli.sp@gmail.com
My Dad Email:sp.parajuli@ntc.net.np

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