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by Isidora

Hi my name is Isidora i come from Chile a Spanish place I have lived in Chile, Edmonton and now Quebec,I talk 3 languages i have a older sister an older brother and a younger brother my mom and dad are divorced i have a dog i don't have work experience from any king but i would really want a new phone so i started looking for for my age and this site came up and well i thought it was fake but i got into it anyways and i would really LOVE to get money by doing anything and well i'm in secondary 2 i'm 13 years almost 14 and even if i get like 20-30$ a day doing whatever ill be happy because i don't want to ask my mom for anything the only thing that would make things more difficult would be that i go to school i start at 9:00 and come back at around 5:00 but i'm happy to work after school and even before or even at the weekends. thank you for your time and i hope we can work things out:)

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