So What Are the Top Paying, Funnest Teen Jobs Around?

McDonald's and Burger King are definitely not the best paying teen jobs...

And you'll smell like a grease ball besides!

We're going to take a look at some jobs that not only pay well...

Are FUN...


And hardly seem like work at ALL!

I get emails every day from teens who really don't care HOW they make money...

They just want to make money NOW. Check out this quick teen jobs to make money online in your spare time...

Taking Online Surveys Is THE Highest Paying Teen Jobs

You can easily make a quick $44 to $154 dollars whenever you have a couple hours of spare time.

That's an average of $81 dollars an hour!

Tony, a senior in high school, plays three sports during the year: foot ball, basket ball, and tennis.

So he doesn't have a lot of spare time to squeeze in a job. But taking online surveys is right up his alley.

Taking online surveys is one of the best teen jobs that pays good money. Get Paid $75 Per Online Survey HERE...

So What Types of Teen Jobs Are Best?

That really depends...

What your interests and hobbies are...

And how much money you want to make!

Do you have an iPad yet? Get an Apple iPad for free Here...

My mom used to always tell me...

"You have about 50 years to work at a job--you might as well LIKE what you're doing!"

I agree.

I also tell my kids to "Be the best at what you love to do, and the money will follow."

What do your teens like to do?

Maybe you're interested in fashion design for some extra income? Here's how you can make money as a fashion designer - now matter how young you are...

Do you like hanging out on the computer?

Kids as young as 13 years old can get paid to fill out surveys and try new products.

My daughter, Rachel, has been filling out surveys for CashCrate for just over 2 years and averages $870 dollars a month.

And she only "works" 3 to 5 hours a week around her class schedule.

She says it's easy money...and definitely beats her greasy job working at McDonald's!

Do you like Chipotle's? Get a free $250 Chipotle gift card here...

Plus, if she refers her friends...she can make even more money.

She can't "advertise" on myspace or facebook...but she can tell all her friends or email them!

On this site, for every friend she refers who signs up (for FREE of course!), she gets paid $1.

And when they complete their first survey, she gets another $2 dollars.

but that's not all...

She makes $5 dollars on every $25 dollars her friends make - For life!

Not that's what I call making money while you sleep! Take this quick survey to get a $250 Visa gift card HERE...

Just remember, you should NEVER have to pay to sign up - or else it's a scam and you're being ripped off.

This Is THE Fastest Way to Instantly Make Money Online

One of the easiest ways for teens to make money fast is to sell affiliate products.

Affiliate products are other people's (or companies) products that you sell for a commission.

And you don't even need a website! In fact, you'll make more money...faster...not having your own website.

There are thousands of affiliate marketers making $100,000 or more every month.

And they don't have fancy marketing or computer science degrees either.

Plus, many of them are teen-agers!

Affiliate marketing is by far the fastest (and easiest) way to make money on the internet. Make $400.75 in one day? Check this out...

Ready to Take on the Working World!

When my oldest daughter Rachel turned 16 years old and got her driver's license...she was ready and raring to earn her first "real" paycheck with a teen job.

As soon as your teen earns her first "paycheck", at a teen jobs, she should open up a ROTH IRA...


Where does the time slip by?

I still remember potty training!

Now For the Fun Part - Brainstorming

So I sat Rachel down and asked her...

"Honey, what would you do for FREE even if you didn't get paid?

And wasn't surprised at all when her answer was...

"Horses and swimming."

You see, Rachel is a huge horse lover and she rides and shows competitively American Saddlebred horses.

She has won more blue ribbon championships than I did my entire showing career in 7 years!

But I still tell everyone she takes after her mother!

Rachel is also an incredible swimmer. She's on her high school swim team and even lettered her sophmore year.

So now that I had Rachel thinking about what she loved to do -- together we did a little brainstorming about some possible teen jobs.

Here's What We Came Up With:

Horse-Related Teen Jobs:

Working at a horse camp

Riding Stable

Stable Help (cleaning, feeding, grooming)

Horse Sitting

Saddle & Tack Shop

And for swimming teen jobs:


Swim Instructor


Summer Swim Camp

Sounds like some pretty fun teen jobs, right?

But the BEST part is that any one of these teen jobs wouldn't seem like "work" to Rachel!

Just FUN.

A Little Digging For Answers

But do any of these jobs pay well?

That's what Rachel and I wanted to know.

We did some calling around and found these hourly wages in our area (your area may pay more or less)...

Working at a summer camp - $7.50 per hour

Riding stable, stable help, saddle & tack shop - $7.00 per hour

Horse sitting $10 per feeding per day

Lifeguarding - $8.00 per hour

Swim Instructor, YMCA $7.50 per hour

Notice that all of these rates are better than minimum wage?

Rachel decided to start her own horse sitting business...

She made up some flyers and brochures offering her services to "horse sit" for people going on vacation.

She has "horse sat" 4 times the past 2 months for an average of $20 an hour!


An Arabian horse stable hired her for hourly help this summer for $7 an hour.

This way, until her horse sitting business is established, she'll be able to make a steady income at the stable.

And the extra jobs of horse sitting will increase her average hourly rate easily to $10 or more.

Not bad for a first teen job!

Plus, she's doing what she LOVES to do.

And I won't have to nag her to get up for work.

You might want to check out hourly wages for different part-time jobs in your area. Some areas of course pay more than others.

One of the easiest ways is to sign-up for free at an online job search website.

Do You Remember YOUR First Job?

I remember mine like it was yesterday.

I worked at Aamodt's Apple orchard...

For 8 hours at a time...

On a cold, concrete floor...

Bagging "pecks" of apples.

I learned more than I ever wanted to know about...

Eating - Baking - and Cider apples.

Regent and Haralson apples were my favorites -

Crisp, Sweet, and Juicy - YUM!

I also learned that there HAS to be an easier, more exciting way to make money.

But I WAS able to save HALF of every paycheck.

After all, I had NO bills to pay!

Imagine How Much Money You Could Save If You Didn't Have:

A Mortgage

A Car Payment


Drowning Credit Card Debt


100% FREE money.

This is exactly the position your kids are in.

Your kids have the chance of a lifetime to get into the habit of socking away A LOT of money...painlessly.

That's because they're young, have NO BILLS, and 30 to 40 years to let their money GROW.

Here are the ratios I recommend for kids savings...

The easiest way for your kids to become millionaires by 40, starts with developing a strong work ethic with that first teen job and SAVING.

Starting NOW.

The younger the better.

ALL millionaires started at a young age making, saving, and investing money.

One of the easiest, low cost way to invest kids money is with mutual funds

According to the book "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas Stanley, the #1 trait of millionaires is that they have a strong work ethic.

So start your kids Young!

You Can Follow These Same 3 Steps

1) Find out or ask your teen what he would do for FREE whether he was paid or not.

2)Brainstorm related teen jobs or business opportunities (be creative here!)


More Job Opportunities

If your teen is reliable and a good worker, he shouldn't have ANY problems finding a teen job.

The list is really endless...

restaurants, movie stores, grocery stores, coffee shops, retail stores, pet stores, movie theatres, lawn care services, janitors, orchards, and

Much More.

Also, take a look at these sample interview questions and answers for that first nerve-wracking interview

But you need to teach your teen some tips for filling out a job application.

The Most Important Tips for Filling Out a Teen Job Application Are:

Write neatly and clearly

No Spelling Errors

Answer All Questions

I also recommend writing a short letter explaining why you are the BEST person for the job...Wow the employer!

Sell yourself. The employer will be Impressed! Your teen will be hired in no time flat.

So have some fun coming up with your own best teen jobs.

One of the BEST things you can do for your kids is to instill the value of a good work ethic.

It will almost guarantee a future millionaire - or at least a millionaire attitude!

What Type of Teen Job Are Your Looking For?

Are you looking for a part-time teen job? Tell us about yourself and what type of teen job you're looking for! Waitressing, camp counselor, swim instructor?

Tell us what type of teen job you want and where you're located...and you just might get hired!

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Hello, my name is Ketsia Kamba Kashala Likosso. I am from DRCongo, but reside in South Afica. I a 18 years old turning 19 years, I am in high school. …

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Message online

Waitressing Not rated yet
Well I can serve food to the customers.

sending online notes Not rated yet
Hello im a 15 year old girl from india but living in riyadh ksa and im suffering from severe family problems and even financially. Im sending notes for …

babysitting Not rated yet
i like helping out people when they are at work because it also helps me out taking care of children is a blessings to me i can be nice

dog sitter, dog trainer Not rated yet
Trainer, athletic

Software making Not rated yet
I am looking for software engineering job.i am from india,punjab,bathinda.i hv no experience in any type of job

anything Not rated yet
My name is selena i love kids and all t hat fun stuff but i want to work part time because i still have to go to school from 2;30-6;30 monday though …

online job Not rated yet
I am in Nigeria I need a job I can just do through my smart phone

Creative Jobs Not rated yet
Hi, we are siblings full of ideas for jobs. We made a simple website on our own and we would love to teach others how to create a simple website and start …

Listening to music and reviewing them Not rated yet
I love music so much I listen to every single song and it makes me happy and forget about everything I listen to it all the time.

online job Not rated yet
hey im a high school student in the 11th grade thats is looking for a online job.

An online job, Such as : Wikipedia Or Wikihow Not rated yet
I am a 13 year old male, and I would like to have a job My hobbies: Programming, Music Sports: Basketball I think that's all you need for now

Babysitting, pet-care Not rated yet
My name is Jennifer. I am 14 years old. I live in Texas. I can babysit (I have 4 younger siblings, so I have some experience), take care of pets, preferably …

Data enrty, Classifieds posting, ANYTHING! Not rated yet
Hey, I'm 17 years old and need a job to save money for collage and buy a car. I'm looking for a fairly easy online job, but I'm willing to tackle difficult …

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Writing Not rated yet
I am 18, female, but I live in Pakistan so being 18 doesn't help because i am still considered a child here and live with my parents until i leave for …

Online Job Not rated yet
Hi :) Im Jurist I really need to save money for my college. I'm always online and I want an Online Job :) :) ^_^

Babysitiing Job/ turtoring kids grade kintergdern to 5 Not rated yet
I m 13 years old, and I love to make money, I am relly helpful, kind and nice. I will really like a job to earn money for fun nd because it is good practice, …

Taking care of pets or painting  Not rated yet
like to draw,write,take care of pets..

Babysitting  Not rated yet
Hi I'm kai fields I'm 17 years old and at first I was going on looking for a babysitting job and well they were scamming me and it just wasn't …

Anything online, since i still have school. Not rated yet
Types: 1) writing 2)give reviews 3) help out others I'm really looking forward to earning some type of money.I need to start sometime in the next …

JOURNALIST Not rated yet

coding Not rated yet
hi i am dafny c. acojedo and i am 13 years old i have 10 siblings and i want to have an online job so that even a little money saving i can help my family …

cooking,Nails,Babysistting Not rated yet
my name is susy and i am 14 years old and i love basketball

Babysitting, cooking, And helping kids learn Not rated yet
my name kiara lashay brooks im 13 years old and im looking for a job so i can help my mom with bills and things like that

creative arts projects and dress designer Not rated yet
My name is zainab. I am a Pakistani and I am looking jobs regarding dress designer or jewelry designer, arts projects.

Food resteraunt Not rated yet
I like to care about other people and I want to get a job for I can help my mom also I like to go shopping for myself and my other family members. I want …

Creating Facebook and Twitter pages  Not rated yet
I am serenity miller and I'm 13 years old. I can help you make a Facebook and Twitter page. U can trust me.

Looking after kids Not rated yet
•My name is Nikki, I am a female teenager •15 years old teenager •Attends school regularly (GCSE's) •Love looking after kids •Willing to love new things …

online Not rated yet
I'm a little lost on what job I want so far but I would really love a work at home job mostly because I am never free and always out.

landscaping Not rated yet
Hi my names anthony im a hard worker im already a cook at a resturant in twin falls but i dont enjoy doing im 16 i plan on going to job corp so i can learn …

landscaping Not rated yet
Hi my names anthony im a hard worker im already a cook at a resturant in twin falls but i dont enjoy doing im 16 i plan on going to job corp so i can learn …

Advice giver Not rated yet
Hi, my names Isabella but id rather be called Bella. I am a good advice giver. I am 13. I need to make quick cash to help pay for bills.

Singing Not rated yet
Hi, my names Isabella but id rather be called Bella. I love to sing. I play instruments too, but its been awhile since ive played any. I would like a job …

anything where i can talk to people Not rated yet
Hi my name is Lauren. I am a 15 year old girl looking for a bit more independence. I am a very hard worker and I am extremely social. I love making conversation …

Any jobs related with subjects Not rated yet
Hi , I am 17 year old and I am preparing for engineering entrance exams with board exams ,and I want to earn money and learn something by doing …

Landscaping  Not rated yet
I am Anmol. I am 16 and I am junior in high school. I am looking for landscaping job. I am ready to work 4pm to 8pm on weekdays and on weekends I could …

data entering Not rated yet
I want the job of easy data entering

mahesh Not rated yet

It doesn't matter  Not rated yet
I'm 14 and my name is Shabreya. My family is struggling and I need money for clothes

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baby sitting Not rated yet
I'm 16 going to be 17 next month I'm looking for a baby sitting job my name is elicia .. You can call me 4026012126 or 4026012090

digging  Not rated yet
I love getting my hands dirty. Helping people out.

Starting a Company Not rated yet
Looking for ideas to start an online company. Email me at if interested.

customer service online Not rated yet
I am looking for a customer service job online, I am good with tech companies, more in the region of server hosting like cloud servers vps networking etc …

something easy  Not rated yet
For me i don't care what the job is as long as i get paid a lot of money im money hungry. Im nice im funny and i can do a lot of things, i am flexible …

Recording studio in Hong Kong Not rated yet
I'm 17 years old almost 18 and need a job to help get back 3400 HKD in less than 2 months. I love singing and helping out and I have one more year at …

Electronic testing  Not rated yet
I want to be a electronic tester

COmputer like job Not rated yet

Babysitting Not rated yet
Hello my name is Shyanne and I'm 12years old and I'm looking for a job so I can hangout with my friends and also go to the movies and the mall

Easy money Not rated yet
I would like to make money fast and easy. I would love to buy stuff. But I don't know what kind of online job I should do as long as it pays good and it's …

audio and visual design and engineering Not rated yet
Teen has a passion for drawing and tech and knows very little about technical engineering but is eager to learn. 16 years old

surveying Not rated yet
I want to be a surveyor. Just an ordinary girl who loves to enjoy, have fun and be creative. please just help me to achieve my goals, right now I have …

photography Not rated yet
Hi! My name is Vicla Ty, am 16 years old about going into college. I'll like any suitable jobs cause am good to go with any jobs that pays well.

Typing Not rated yet
New Ideas Thoughts

Art Not rated yet
Iam very good at drawing,sketching,painting,art doodle but i never got any opportunity to use it :( i remember once i got first prize in drawing competition …

online survey Not rated yet
im 18 . online survey is the best for coz its convinience, save time and effort .it really means a lot to me in paying my tuitions and projects. i cant …

horse realted Not rated yet
I love horses and want to be a horse trainer when i get out of highschool.

animals Not rated yet
i'm good with animals and kids

animals  Not rated yet
working with animals

Crafts Not rated yet
I'm 14 and I like to do crafts and being creative

fashion Not rated yet
I am twelve years old and I am in to fashion. I have always wanted to do fashion. I hope I can really get a job to be a fashion disioner. Sincerely, …

Tutor, writer, Teacher, etc... Not rated yet
Hey! My name is Agata and I am 16 years old. I really enjoy reading books in my free time. I am the greatest nerd and reader you've ever met! :) My ideal …

enterprenuership Not rated yet
My name is Maureen Elias.. I am only seventeen and I have a lot of ambitions that one day will come to reality. I really wish to own some institutes and …

to make pages online and post things  Not rated yet
well i'm 13 and need a job hope this would work out and the job i wanted is to make home pages online post things on them or make websites.

babysitting Not rated yet
i am 13 yeArs old i am really responsible i have two younger siblings and have babysat them before i am really interested in making money from babysitting …

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money Not rated yet

Anything! For me! Not rated yet
Hi! My name is Teniyah and I'm here to be of your service. Need your house looked after? I can work around my calendar to work for you. need your children …

writing articles Not rated yet
I am a 12th class science stream student. I am very good in writing articles especially dealing with teenagers , their day to day life problems which …

online job Not rated yet
Pls am precious and really need this job because I need to pay my bills..thank you

Information technology  Not rated yet
I'm kevin and I'm loving it I have a basic under standing of database, server design and web design. I'm hard working and never give up doing what I love. …

cashier or bagger Not rated yet
I'm 16 and I am billingual, also I have many skills varying from teamwork to managing to computer skills.

waitress Not rated yet
I'm employed right now at Bud's Chicken & Seafood, everythings going fine.. But I just opened up this site because I am intrested in making more money …

clothing store Not rated yet
I want to work at a teen clothing store like Abercrombie, hoister, Forever 21. I'm only 11 but I am sure I can do a good job

playing video games Not rated yet
well my name is Tremaine Washington and i'm the oldest out of 3 kids. i went to A.C. Cocoran elementary school.I am currently attending SC Calvert Academy. …

Something that pays a lot Not rated yet
I need a job that pays a lot and maybe a job at footlocker Zumies or something

Electronics Not rated yet
My name is Oriona Ashby, age 16, birthday is December 18th, 1998. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm going to be soon getting my GED and I want to get a …

Online surveying  Not rated yet
I am a very bright , outgoing , and social teen.My name is Madeline and I am currently 16 years old and waitress at IHOP making less then minimum wage …

babysitting  Not rated yet
I am 13 years old female looking for a few hours to do to get a few dollars now, I know you guys may not allow me to do it but I am begging you, to let …

Teen job to make money online Not rated yet
Hi my name is zalia mutuale. I live in zimbabwe i am a very honest and sociable boy of 18 years old who love to work very hard, i would love to work at …

i want to be a model or seller Not rated yet
Im 15 years old living in the philippines and i want to help my family for gaining money while im still at my vacation at school. by the way, im alyana …

I Want To Work With Kids With Sports As In Basketball  Not rated yet
My Name Is Taron, I Am 17 I Am a basketball player at my high a star basketball player. I like to help young kids that not that good at the sport and try …

I Want To Work With Kids With Sports As In Basketball  Not rated yet
My Name Is Taron, I Am 17 I Am a basketball player at my high a star basketball player. I like to help young kids that not that good at the sport and try …

babysitting Not rated yet
Hi, my name is Breanna Johnson, and i am 15 in a half.I like doing hair, babysitting, and also cooking. I want this job to prove to everyone in my family …

any part-time online job Not rated yet
hi am sidharth from india i have been wanting to make money with my own hands instead of asking to my parents any online part time job is ok for me please …

essay and poem writing Not rated yet
I am 17 years from Kenya and I love to sing,dance and write

nanny Not rated yet
Hi,im a girl of 16years.I am outspoken,caring and versatile.I treat all people the same because we are all humanbeings and one person created us.

brainstorming and gaming Not rated yet
I'm 16 and want a job that I can make good easy money.

Online Work Needed! Not rated yet
Hi, I'm 16, my name is Skye, and I am looking for money for university. Need something a bit higher than minimum wage, as the 80k price tag is fairly steep. …

i want to take online surveys, test online apps or offline products, also help people Not rated yet
Hi i'm arianna ferenchak i go to Cajon park school. I am 13 years old and i love soccer, swimming and spending time with my friends and family. I love …

Computers or languages Not rated yet
I want to travel and learn new languages

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baby sitting and pet sitting Not rated yet
I'm 13 years old I want a job that will pay good and will work around my schedule and i never had a job.I love kids i am very nice to every one and I want …

night stocker or cashier Not rated yet
well im a very hard worker and very dedicated and devoted .

car wash Not rated yet
I'm 13 years old I like to play basketball and football I go to Holbrook middle school I live in gastonia and I like to work.

article writing Not rated yet
My name is Jaden Bothwell. I am in the abvanced program at my school, I will later be in aice or Ib. I was in the writer's conference and I did win an …

article writing Not rated yet
My name is Jaden Bothwell. I am in the abvanced program at my school, I will later be in aice or Ib. I was in the writer's conference and I did win an …

Animating  Not rated yet
I am 14 years old and love drawing animated pictures and I go to giunta middle school trying to go to tampa bay tech high school and live my dream I have …

Helping People Not rated yet
Im a 14 year old and I want to have a job that pays well and doesn't interfere with my schooling. I want to do something that helps people.

i am 16 yrs old n i m interested in arts and designing and writing too Not rated yet
hii i am neha 16 yrs old i want a online job i am intersted in arts and craft, making ppts, and designing , and writing too and i want a job related to …

Waitressing Not rated yet
i'm a fifteen year old tall blonde looking for a waitressing job or anything that pays well.

Advisor Not rated yet
I turned 17 year old 26 days before. I am an Indian school- going teenager, average in academics. I'm good in advising someone in any feild. I am studying …

writing essay job Not rated yet
Hi. I am manahil class 7 from islamabad. I am very good in writing essay so I want to do something related to it like essay writing but I want to do this …

car dealing Not rated yet
I am a part time car dealer and a student

creating pages or Open Up Your Own Online Pet Supply Store Not rated yet
My name is AhmedMostafa.Iam 15 years old,Iam from Egypt.I want this money to buy my dream wich is the dirt bike and to buy a new cell phone.creating …

Online blogging  Not rated yet
I am 18 love to sing and dance I like to write

Babysitting  Not rated yet
I'm 16 and wonderful with children. I have 4 younger siblings and want to be an elementary school teacher when I grow up. I'm very responsible and I do …

Babysitting Not rated yet
Hi my name is Jada I'm 17 years old and I would love to babysit little children between the ages of 1-3 but only well mannered children. But overall, I …

Anything Not rated yet
I am 16 and I am just trying to teach myself responsible by getting a job. I'm willing to do whatever that is flexible with my school schedule.I love kids, …

surveys Not rated yet
i want a teen job so i can make money to help support my self for college. i want a job that pays good but is also fun! im 15 years old

internet job Not rated yet
Internet job I'm located in north west.

dance Not rated yet
im simone 15 years old and i love to dance and i would really like a job that i can dance or help out at a dance studio.

up cycle Not rated yet
i want to be a up cycle because i think it cool because it fun and i want to make money doing something i love and what inspires me

card making,drawing,design Not rated yet
I am samia.I need a job like card making,drawing,design etc.I can do them very carefuly and with my all love and experince.

Singing,modeling,photographer Not rated yet
My name is hannah from nigeria i am 15 iam looking modeling,photographers,singing job to help me for my study

Cricketer Not rated yet
I am a cricket lover and i have lot of knowledge about cricket.I want to be a cricketer.

Modeling Not rated yet
Either do this, online surveys and get paid or do modeling. I'm 15 years old. My names Shylo Budel. I live in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. I'd most likely would …

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athletics Not rated yet
My name is Lawrence Juwana, im 17 years old, from New York, and I currently attend Rocky Point High School. I am currently a senior who plans on going …

Making pictures on book created or pic college and posting them online to see how much money I will make Not rated yet
I'm Trey Hodge and I need a online job and it can be anything I'm 13 years old looking for a job because all I do is go to school and come home and do …

ANYTHING PLZ Not rated yet
I'll do anything right now I just want money. I'm in Sacramento and looking for work to afford insurance and buy a car and save up for college I'm thirteen …

Computer, Writer, Babysitter Not rated yet
I'm a 15 year old with 6 younger siblings and one older sibling. I have had a lot of experience with younger kids of all ages. I also love writing and …

Designing book covers, illustrating for children storybooks, fashion designing, drawing and painting Not rated yet
My name is Clarissa but my friends call me Claire. I'm a 15 year old teenager from the Philippines looking for a job. I'm looking for a job in which I …

Anything Not rated yet
I am looking for a job doing anything required. Although, my interests are mostly sports related, I feel as though I pick up on things quickly.

Instructor Not rated yet
Hi my ñame is ñame ijennifer and and i want to workout as an instructor and be neurosurgeon when i grow up

writing  Not rated yet
I like writing. I write for a newspaper. My grammer is really good. Im very determined abd I never give up. I alwats do my best in whatever I do.

Kids Not rated yet
I love kids and dancing and i also like giving advice and helping other.

making cartoons and dashion desighing Not rated yet
Action speaks louder than words.... I am a very positive and talented girl...n i m frm india my name is amrita and i can draw cartoons for any magzene..tht …

sell something Not rated yet
Hi, I'm Ava(female),from Iran-Tehran.I'm 15 and I study at high school. I want to make money for my free times and become familiar to jobs. I love music …

waitressing Not rated yet
Hi my name is anam and I need a job any kind of job.. I'm of 17 n want to support my family plz if there is a job hire me I will accept it I live in Pakistan.. …

waitressing Not rated yet
Hi my name is anam and I need a job any kind of job.. I'm of 17 n want to support my family plz if there is a job hire me I will accept it I live in Pakistan.. …

Anything Not rated yet
literally anything!

daycare Not rated yet
I just absolutely love LOVEEE kids

waitrssing Not rated yet
Well my name is Angelica Vargas. I'm 17 years old and I live in Brooklyn. Now I've been struggling with finding jobs. My mom isnalso struggling right now …

Taking Surveys Online Not rated yet
Hello My Name Is Yarisel Perez , and I am looking forward too having a job , but its impossible to find something. I would like something easy after school …

filling online forms wid provided information Not rated yet
I want do job from home i can fill online forms wid provided information i hv basic knowledge about internet i m in a really need of Money so as possible …

tangled animated Not rated yet
l want to animated tangled soon and l want to be a easy movie and l want be in the disney tangled and l want to be rapunzel l need flynn rider in the movie …

tangled animated Not rated yet
l want to animated tangled soon and l want to be a easy movie and l want be in the disney tangled and l want to be rapunzel l need flynn rider in the movie …

Teaching Soccer Not rated yet
I want to be able to teach kids how to be able to play soccer well and help them build a strong connection with their teammates so they play well with …

Dog walker Not rated yet
I am Israel, am 15, I am a soccer goalie, and I like exercising, had a pet once , a dog, "Rudy", he passed away, I love animals, feel like we are more …

an online job Not rated yet
i am at my 2nd yea highschool and looking for extra money i 'll be turning 17 the next few months so i am looking for an online job anything would be nice …

Housekeeping, Front Desk Operator or Customer Service Representative Not rated yet
My name is Johanna Garel from Jamaica. I am 18 years of age. I have a son but no job. I need a job to be able to provide for my son and I, also my mom …

i would like to be a hairstlylist or work with clothes Not rated yet
well im in the 10 grade and my parents need help paying off some bills.i need a job to hep them but we dont have a car to ride in and buss passes cost …

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paintings,mobile phone wallpapers  Not rated yet
I am 18 years old girl.i want to do ajob related to my talent as well as its my hobby.

any thing would do Not rated yet
I love to work with kids. I will be 16 in two months. I am a sophomore at go to gambold preperatory magnet high school. I like to work with children and …

any thin would do Not rated yet
I love to work with kids. I will be 16 in two months. I am a sophomore at go to gambold preperatory magnet high school. I like to work with children and …

Anything!! Not rated yet
Hello! My name is Angela. I'm currently 15 years old and living in Toms River, NJ. I haven't worked yet, but I am responsible and ready for work. I have …

Pilot Not rated yet
I love flying so I will be glad if there's such an apprentice course for me to take part in.

Yard Work Not rated yet
I am 13, young, energetic, and am willing to rake leaves, mow lawns, trim bushes, any type of yard work or odd jobs.

Waitresses, realtor  Not rated yet
I my name is Tishaunie Walters. I am a senior in high school. I have no time to work. I play 2 sports and I come out of school at 4:30. So by the time …

Crafts & Arts Not rated yet
Hi i am 12 turning 13, my name is Mint,i'm a girl, i'm currently living in Australia, i would love to do any thing about art, graphics design or any thing …

Anything as long as i can do it from home Not rated yet
i cant travel or go anywhere thats hiring nearby. im not good at anything but listening and filling out stuff, im homeschooled so i have plenty of time …

babysitting  Not rated yet
I am 15 years old I love kids I love to have fun with them I love to write , read , and sing I would love the job to be part time an after …

Babysitter or hose cleaner  Not rated yet
I'm really good with kids but I'm also good at cleaning I just wanna make some money.

is there a gaming job online? Not rated yet
hey, my name is atir, and i just wanted to know if there is such a thing as a gaming job online, that doesnt take too lang, since i am a very busy person, …

thrift shop Not rated yet
im a hard worker currently a student at the voke graduating in 2015. looking for a clothing store to work at

online job Not rated yet
my name is kemi i am 13... i want to have an online job....

Online surveys Not rated yet
Well I am a normal fourteen year old girl. I want to get a job because I kind of want to be more independent and buy what I want, with my money. I would …

Writing Articles for Websites Not rated yet
My name is Jatzary Salazar and I'm a thirteen year old who really wants some cash. I am in an accelerated language arts class and I love to write. I am …

babysitting Not rated yet
I am going on 15 and have been babysitting since I was 13 . so anybody who needs babysitting is normally what I do .. I live in spring Texas . so anyone …

animals Not rated yet
I love animals. I'm a boyscout(soon to be eagle). I really want a job.

arts and craft Not rated yet name is 13 years looking for job in arts or writing articles. my e-mail is; thankyou....

arts and craft Not rated yet name is unzila and im 13 years lookin for a job in arts or article writing but i dont know wat to do?.... So,i need ur help.i need to earn …

graphic designe Not rated yet
Hi i am Mushahid Raza from Pakistan. I want Graphic Designinig job. I read in 2nd year.

Account management, or writing and editing.  Not rated yet
I am a girl from Bangladesh. I am 16 years old. I need a job. I can handle accounts or writing or editing.

Baby sitting Not rated yet
Hello I'm Interested in making money, I'm a 13 year old girl who loves spending quality time with children from any age to 4-10 I will talk with their …

Online job Not rated yet
I'm 17 looking for a online job

sport Not rated yet
i am a very sporty person i have a dream about being an athleltic sports is my life and i am 13 and a girl

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ads poster Not rated yet
I am syed emaz ali iam a teenager and i want to be ads poster

Writing Not rated yet
My name is Manya Kochhar and I'm thirteen years old. I live in India. I need to earn money because I want the money I spend to be my own . I like to read …

Working at a horse stable Not rated yet
I've been riding for about a year now and love horses more than anything. If I could get a job working with horses it would be awesome ,because it wouldn't …

Any job that pays for well Not rated yet
i love to sing,and dance and i love to be a lawyer on the side sometimes

Online/Music/Babysitting/Writing/Actress Not rated yet
My name is Yolanda. I am 13, but turning 14 this November (of 2014). I'm hoping to get a job so I can start my YouTube career, because I really enjoy being …

any job would be great Not rated yet
My name is Jenny , I currently turned 16 on may , to me any job would be great ,I love kids and animals do I would be a great child and pet sitter , I …

my teen job wanted is either to do clothes endorsement, modeling, acting assistance, designing, makeup or art  Not rated yet
Hi my name is racquel henry im 15 year old. I find it hard to see what I want and cant because I dont have the money, seeing my mom struggling with bills …

any job that i will work online  Not rated yet
I like to work and want a job that will be easy for me to work on it a job that will pay me more money that job should be quick and easy office online …

baby sitting or pet sitting Not rated yet
hi my name Ma.Julia Salazar i really need this job so i could help my mom. So please help me hoping you would

Fashion Designer Not rated yet
I love sketching, painting, doing make-up, and being creative with fabrics I want a job that can pay for my constant need for clothes, art materials, …

babysitting Not rated yet
i want a babysitting job I'm good with kids and love being with them and I've watched many before.

Organizing parties Not rated yet
I want a job that is fun and organizing parties is really fun! So I wiill work part time starting from 3:30 to 6:00 or 7:00! I am 13-year-old teenage girl! …

online  Not rated yet
I'm 12 and nearly 13 and my name is Rachel. I want to show my mum and dad im old enough to have my own job so I cam to this website to give me answers. …

stable hep Not rated yet
I am 13 years old and I love horses I can work anytime after school which ends at 3:00 clock to 3:22 clock and don't get home til almost 4:00 clock MY …

fashion designer Not rated yet
Am sally malanga, am 17 and am from kitwe zambia I love fashion designing and and I need a fashion designers job asap

young teen model Not rated yet
Hello my name is Lucy Jane-Louise littleford i am 13 years old turning 14 in February i would like this model job because i like taking photos and put …

baby sitting Not rated yet
hello every one im 13 years old i love kids safety first i love all kinds of kids small,big little tall god made us the way we are and theirs nothen we …

Homework Maker, Research Assistant Not rated yet
I am a 16 year old Filipina. I live here in Cubao, Quezon City. I am a Communication Arts student at Far Eastern University. I can help you on your homeworks, …

babbysitting watricing Not rated yet
babysitting waitress house keeping Im super awesome with kids and I can waitress really good

Decoration job Not rated yet
My name is Jboy, i'm tall and dark in complexion

High Paying Not rated yet
I want a job that can make me alot more money than minimum wage

not too time consuming but pays well Not rated yet
I take dance twice a week and babysit one night. I'm also actively involved with school and church activities. I need to raise money for a trip to Disneyworld …

Any Not rated yet
I am from Croatia and want to earn some money and I've never worked.

acting, singing, tutoring, babysitting , filling out survey , writing articles or writing quizes Not rated yet
I am 13 years old , I am girly enerjetic and fun fun fun! I enjoy performing like singing and acting I do like to dance I just dont do it very well, I …

adviser Not rated yet
drawiing, baking, cooking, advise

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playworker or pet care in welshpool Not rated yet
i just really need to make money, i'm 13 years old girl and i cant find a job that i can do any where but then i do its to far away, please help me. …

BOOKS Not rated yet
hi my name is Anna, and i am really creative with books, i dont really like reading them, but i love to right them, if i only can send you all the pages …

dog walking Not rated yet
i love animals i have 4 dogs favorite color : purple

Performer/singer/fashion designer  Not rated yet
I am a 13 year old girl who loves to sing. My inspirations are R5, Zendaya, and many more singers. I also love to play softball and I do folklorico dancing(mexican …

Waitress Not rated yet
I am 13 but I look older. I play softball on Tuesdays and Saturdays, go to dance on Thursdays, and go to school from 8:00 am- 3:00 pm. I have always wanted …

Survey fillinh Not rated yet
I am very artistic, sporty and I would like to earn some cash by filling out surveys.

Online Job Not rated yet
Hi Im Jonicks Portabes from Philippines and I like to work online job like homebased and earn $$$ and any job at list it's online job/homebased thank you!!!!!!! …

Online writing jobs Not rated yet
I m Rashmi 17 years old.., I want any typing jobs for which i can be paid.................

babysitting  Not rated yet
i'm 13 , i love babysitting because i believe that children are the future .It helps when older kid is around smaller because smaller can can become more …

writing articles online, filling out surveys and typing jobs Not rated yet
My name is Annalise, I'm in 8th grade, 13 years old and love drawing, maths, music and reading. I need money to elp my mum out

Babysitting Not rated yet
Well, my name is Sheniya. Im 13 years old and I don't like disrespectful kids. I am loving and caring. I love babies . Also, treat me as if how you wanted …

cashier at a fashion boutique Not rated yet
I am a very creative, fun, girl who enjoys strange and unusual things, I also love fashion, painting and 'the arts'. Also currently have colored hair. …

dog sitting Not rated yet
i am good with any type of animal. i have horses,chickens,ducks,geese,dogs,a goat, a peacock.

i would like to sell basketball and football cards Not rated yet
I like to sell and collect cards

newspaper boy,waitressing,writing articles and paid surveys Not rated yet
I am 13 years old and looking for a job so I can be independent for the first time in my life. Also I can stop asking my parents and to feel an a sense …

waitress, cashier Not rated yet
i will be 15 in july. i would like to be either a waitress or cashier, anything works but that is what i prefer. my mom cannot work and my dad doesnt live …

Paid Survey Taking Not rated yet
I like to sing dance act amd model.I need a simple job to pay for my classes. Im 17 i like to have fun and i am silly but very mature for my age. I'd like …

working at pre school & or a shop Not rated yet
Hey my name is Suhaila Abdillahi. I'm thirteen years old and adore being with little kids as they are adorable.I would like to work in a shop when i'm …

ANYTHING Not rated yet
hello my name is Hadiatou Balde and i am 13 years old. i have been struggling to get money because i know i can't always ask my parents. i love to cheer …

i want to be paid 2.1 billion dollars PER MONTH! i am 13 bi-sexual i am an athlete i look like a girl but i have a penis haha i better get hired …

Aeropostale or Rue 21 Not rated yet
I am about to be 16, so I am getting ready to drive. I want a job to be able to afford gasa and possibly insurance. I am still in high school so I need …

Any High Paying Job Not rated yet
High paying job

Babysitting or Nanny Not rated yet
I can either babysit or dog sit I adore dogs I have 6 (well my family) and I feed them,bath,walk etc. . And children are so fun!! I'm deeply a kid inside! …

Anything Not rated yet
I am a 15 year old who just got afar and need to pay for it andi have sports and hobbyist topay for. I really need to make money fast and easy.

sellig art Not rated yet
well im autistic and my best type of art is drawing.

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I Need A summer Job Asap Not rated yet
pet sitting baby sitting dog walker party planning & I Am 14 Years Old

acting  Not rated yet
hi my name is alex harvey i was born on 25/4/99 About me: iam very determand and funny guy. i live in monmouth uk. my Experience: i have been …

Convient store job Not rated yet
I only want this type of job because i can help the customer, i have excellent social skills, im kind, im patient, and im responsible, im extremely artistic, …

Writting articles online Not rated yet
im 13 years old my name is jazmine & i am in 8th grade love math & soccer

Dance Teacher Not rated yet
Hi my name is Eleanor and i go to Haslingden High School in Rossendale but i love dancing i go once a week but that is because i am starting my gcse's …

soccer instructor  Not rated yet
My name is Nick. and my favorite things to do is soccer and video games. I've wanted to make some extra cash.So I figured why not get a job doing something …

Working with horses Not rated yet
My name is Ellie and I'm 13 years old. I play a lot of soccer and I'm a dancer. I really want to find a way to make some money because I have to pay my …

online typing or a high paying job Not rated yet
i am pretty good at english and i can write well and also in typing too + i love to play games and i also like to create ads for company without any investment. …

Survey taker Not rated yet
I wanna make $$$

Anything! Not rated yet
My name Alex and I am a very good worker and do my best. I make A and B at school almost never get called on and I am a very good listener. Since my religion …

typing jobs and website designing Not rated yet
i want a job immeaditely i can do anything related with computers provided u pay me well

ceo Not rated yet
i would love that my family is very poor we sufer alot and we wish we had some family my cries every day saying i wish we had some money but are prayer …

to be on tv Not rated yet
i do a lot of dance and i do a lot of dramer im always in school playes and shows out side school and i do so many sports ; gymnastics, dance, kickboxing, …

stable help or farm help Not rated yet
My name is carlie henderson i live in caldwell idaho and i am looking for a job out on a farm anything outdoors in the country works for me. I have been …

selling job Not rated yet
im 16 and looking to make some money and would like a job in selling software

any job Not rated yet
I'm 17 years old, 5'9 and my name is Jesse. I'm looking for any type of job really I'll do practically anything. I'm looking for a part time job for now …

store helper Not rated yet
my name is keigan smalls and im 15 in the 9th grde and im looking for a job as a store helper

Any Sort of job Not rated yet
Im uzair & im currently studying..I want to bear my study cost so ill be interested in all sort of job..I just want to earn money

Lawyer Not rated yet
I like to take swimming & gymnastic lessons and I also love to play Hockey, golf , and piano lessons!!!!

Filling out surveys Not rated yet
Hello, my name is jasmine And I am 13 years old. I am a very hard working and dedicated person. I am a straight A student and I have been recently needing …

watress, bager, modleing, acting, tutering, pet sitter Not rated yet
i am: responsible, outgoing trustworthy and dependable i would like a part time job (i'm 13) hopefully something like working with kids or people or animals …

Assistant or Babysitter Not rated yet
I love kids especially babies they are the cuties of this generation... and as for assistant I am very well focus I type pretty fast and I love helping …

Working in a Mall . Not rated yet
Well im 13 and like any other teen girl im tired of asking my parents for money .My goal is to be a singer but the mean time id like to have a small job …

Business Assistant,  Not rated yet
Im 13 years of age. The job im looking for is a business assistant. I am a good organizer. I am a good at following directions. I can type pretty fast. …

Cafe Not rated yet
Wanted a job in hospitality

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Walking dogs or babysitting Not rated yet
Well I was wondering what kind of job i want because Im 13 now and i really like to do alot of stuf. im afun Kid I Could Do plenty of stuf. i like babysitiing,dog …

at home, calling jobs Not rated yet
At home Calling jobs 50-100 dollars a hour

Sports Not rated yet
Hi im Ryan i am 16 and i can not find a job, i would like a job were i can just sit at home and get payed for Uploading information about sport

stable help  Not rated yet
my name is mckeller. i have asthma. i would like to work with horse's that is my dream to work with.

Hello, My name is Mayank, i am 13+ studing in class 8th, i can do anything online for you any type of job like, i can sell your things for you in commission, …

Modeling Job Not rated yet
Hi, I'm heather. I'm 13 almost 14. I'd love to get in the modeling buisness. If you are interes plese contact me at my email, and …

anything Not rated yet
im very good with toddlers and i like to clean and have fun

writer Not rated yet
Im 13 and i love to write. I am on my school newspaper. i am an all a honor roll

Singer Not rated yet
I am a fifteen year old singer-songwriter girl who performs doing singing and piano. I have worked with people like Gerry Diamond and Randy Ines who are …

Graphic Designer Not rated yet
I am a fifteen year old girl who has been selling clothing and other merchandise online for a couple years now- I use software such as Adobe Illustrator …

Online Job Services Not rated yet
I am 13 years old. I am getting so tired of haveing to ask my parents for money because i know that im tain from something important like bills,bills and …

Author Not rated yet
I have wrote since the age of 7 and am a straight A student.

cleaning  Not rated yet
i am megan lockhart and i am a hard worker i am happy to do any thing i need a job for some more money so i am get things i need and geting at job at the …

Working with children, the sick and or the elderly Not rated yet
I love children, I want to be a teacher of elementary school kids, and I would like to spread kindness and make the people I work with happy. I consider …

Clean Not rated yet
I am 14 and my name is Bailee I want to clean and help elders

Writing and Film Not rated yet
I love writing and I love making mini movies. I have written a book and I am working on another one. I am entering mulitple video contests, but there is …

best buy Jobs for teen-agers Not rated yet
I what to become a pro wrestler but i need money for the wrestling school so hope i can get a job soon so i can start my passion. Hi, Go for it! …

online surverys  Not rated yet
I want survey jobs for bi chains and companies... Hi Nitasha, Taking online surveys is a great way to make quick money online in your spare time. …

Teen jobs in food service Not rated yet
Im a people person, I put hard work and effort in my job,Im frendly to people,I like helping the elderly,I like to be prompt, Im a A & B student my averge …

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