testing video games

Hi im Mick.

I would like to work in video game testing. Myself I play a lot of video games, and I enjoy it because it gives me somethimg to do during the day. I also play sports outside of school I play football. Im interested in testing games from sledgehammer activision treyarch and raven. As you might know from the publishers I just named I like to play a lot o the Call of Duty series. I am also open about any other video game publisher's I'd like to try any game that's coming out or in the process of making.

I would like to make close to 300$ a month testing any kind of video games but the only types I can try are the playstation 3 games and PC because I don't own any other video game console.

My dream job is to create video games and publish them. My favorite type of video games are first person shooter games such as battlefield and the Call of Duty and much more but these are the only one I play a lot.

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