(Riyadh, Ksa)

It was a sunny bright morning at 6:45 am Sheheryar Ahmed was walking to his school in a pensive mood. He was thinking about his Math test to be held today. When he reached the school he was surprised to see big crowd gathered outside the school .All the students and teachers were standing outside with tensed faces. He was flabbergasted. He went near the school gate and went in total shock after what he saw. There were cattles, goats, cows inside the building and two men with long moustache and guns were standing there. One of his teachers went to talk to the gunmen to ask why they were there. The gunman told the teacher to get out of the premises and shouted that he had orders from his Boss to shoot anyone who try to enter the building. The teacher asked about their boss and it was told that the boss was Chaudhry Basheer who was notorious gangster and also a political figure in the area.

Seeing no way out for this problem Sheheryar decided that he will now take police help. He went to police station and lodge F.I.R against Chaudhry Basheer for illegally occupying the school premises which was a government building. The inspector told him that he was a minor and he cannot take his complaint. Actually the inspector was taking sides with the Chaudhry and it was clearly realized by him. Sheheryar got shocked and went back to his home.
On his way back to home he thought ‘what
to do’ ’ how to save school’, then suddenly he got the idea to gather his school mates for a demonstration. They staged a demonstration in front of press club and highlighted the issue. They also went to the Deputy Commissioner office and handed over an application against the closure of their school. Their application was forwarded to area DSP who was an efficient officer. He immediately visited the area and called the teachers and Shehryar to know about the problem. Sheheryar went to police station to meet DSP and apprised the entire situation and requested to hand back their school so that they can study there once again.
DSP investigated the matter and immediately decided to take action to vacate the school premises from the illegal occupants.
Meanwhile Sheheryar‘s parents receives call from Chaudhry and he threatened them that if their son did anything against him he will be killed. Sheheryar informed this threat to the DSP and a case was registered against Chaudhry.
Next day the school building was raided by Police and all the gangsters with Chaudhry were arrested. The school was vacated and Sheheryar went to school with all his friends to clean up the mess so that they can start their studies.
The DSP lauded the efforts made by Shehryar and assured them complete protection in future.
Next day in the school assembly the principal and teachers praised the courage and bravery of Shehryar and announced special award for him. Shehryar felt proud and happy to get his school back.


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Aug 23, 2015

by: Sonja M.


Great story.

Best of luck,

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