Tutorial on hair

by Queriston Price
(880 William blvd apt. 803)

Hi, my name is queriston price, I am thirteen in the eighth grade and I want to be able to make money off of giving tutorials on ways to do your hair. I don't really like to bother people for money, and my fees for extracurricular activities during school can cost a lot and so I really want to be able to pay them off so my family can have enough to go on a vacation and spend quality time together cause my mom gets overtime sometimes so many times that I think to myself,she doesn't think she's over doing it? But she does it because not all of my family have homes for themselves and instead they depend on her until they get their own place(which usually for some reason takes them usually a few years or year and a half definitely an annoyance no offense I love them but they do things their way and it really feels like whenever they come around they try to change it up to fit them yet it's not their house so why are they act like that I don't know I don't want that to happen to me I enjoyed walking to the store (if it was my choice I wouldn't have anyone come walk with me) and having my own money to buy things I liked, or really loved, had enough money for, and wanted. I just like to be independent and I'm not saying getting help is wrong but if you're going to be helpful I would really appreciate it if you didn't rub your bad attitude on me I still soak up knowledge like an ever growing sponge, honestly.

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