Tutoring, Article Writing, Pet Sitting, Cooking or Makeovers

by Natasha Koneru
(San Ramon, CA, USA)

Hi, My name is Natasha Koneru. I would like to earn money through tutoring, writing articles, cooking, pet sitting or giving makeovers. I am a very versatile person and I want a job to help my parents pay bills and to be able to hang out with my friends without worrying about money. I am in the 7th grade, and I am in advanced math and I am good at history and language arts. I also have a gentle personality and do not get angry easily. I am a proficient writer and I enjoy writing articles. My preferred topics for writing articles include food and beauty. I am also a good chef. I have made complex dishes like french onion soup. I can also pet sit as long as I am provided with necessary materials to properly care for the pet. I can also take care of children well because I am a caring person and I am very kind and patient. I am also good at styling hair, giving manicures and doing makeup. I will have to be provided with the proper foundation and concealer shades as well as any other cosmetic products a client specifically wants. I can provide black liquid eyeliner, red, brown, and pink lip colors, coral lip gloss, gold,pink,blue,green,and purple eyeshadows, and pink and red blush.

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