Work at Home ... Reading Emails , Handeling Emailing Campaigns, Taking Online Surveys, and Photography

by Jada
(Beaumont,California,United States)

Hello my name is Jada, I am looking for a well paying job. I want a job that I can work a home. A job possibly taking online surveys, reading emails, handeling emailing campaigns, and photography. One of my main requirments is that the job is working at home. I dont want my parents to worry about me, because I am out working. I am a honor roll student. I have straight A's. I want to be a independent buisness owner in the near future. I can work almost any hours except when I have school. I have a very flexible schedule. So, no worries. Just keep in mind please, I am only 14 years old,and I can't skip school for work. Thank You for reading. Please, get in touch with me as soon as possible.

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