Write Articles,Create Websites, Drawing

by Shalimar Thompson

Hi!My name is Shalimar and I'm really interested on getting a job to make some extra cash on the side for college and etc.I am currently 12 years old but I am going to be 13 years old on January the 4th.So I am going to seize the opportunity to make some extra cash on a daily basis. My personality is very creative and curious and I love to like dig into an idea and some way determine how to make it better. I also write songs,poems, and more!!! I enjoy drawing and creating graphic designs!Also, I like to make websites...although I don't have no programming skills or coding skills I still have a mind that's helps me develop a website or understand how to create one! I am pretty much very serious about my work but I am very creative and enjoy what I do! But what I really love to do is dance and create little movies as I have done before with my sister and cousins.I know that this a lot of things I am interested in but I do hope you are able to find me a job because I'm very passionate about what I do and just know that I will be up for the task!!

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