by Madilyn Dee
(Sta Maria Bulacan Philippines)

Being a teenager is really hard yet fun. Hard because you want things so badly but you cant have them because you're too young (like having a job or a car), fun because you get to explore your talents and enhance it. People think we teenagers cant be reliable for a job because we're not responsible enough (how can i say? base on what my mom always say when she orders me to do something and i refuses. BUT SO NOT TRUE!) trust me, not all the teenagers out there are irresponsible. Some are more responsible than their own older brothers/sisters.

Ever since i was a child i wanted to be a journalist. the journalist who travel and write about what they see and how they enjoyed it. i enjoy writing and stuffs like vandalism and graffiti writing, just kidding. i do little steps to become a journalist starting with the daily diary which stands as my journal. Don't worry! everything starts from little! i really wish i could have a job, the job that suits my age and at the same time my talent. :)

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