writer,hairstylist,cosmetic worker, almost anything but depends

I would like to be a writer someday because since I moved I got interested in writing and I've wrote a couple of poems and I would like to continue doing so. Also I'm not very girly but I would be a cosmetic worker or something in that sort maybe a hair styler it really depends.

I see myself as a very outgoing bubbly person I'm the kind of person that you can talk to and I'll be friends with almost anyone. I'm not a judgmental person so I can get along with people. Just a little something you may wanna know I'm very creative and a tad crazy...but in a good way:).

I'm into some art i draw stuff that will make you wonder what is that!?!? Also i would loveeee to be kinda like a dj something that allows me to do something dubstep I'm not the best at it but I love it I like skrillex nero bassnectar, just stuff in that area so even though I'm not the best I wanna learn.

Well thats all me byebye :) <3

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