Writing, and almost anything to do with performing arts

by Savannah
(New York, United States)

Unfortunatly, I am still only 12. 13 in 2 months though! I am living in a small town in New York. I love writing, and performing. I also enjoy video games and artsy things, like cosplaying. I have always had a strong passion for it, and I am constantly lperforming a new opportunity! I considered writing articles and plays/musicls for my school, but we currently do not have a school paper (working on it though!) We also do not have a large performing arts program, so writing plays is kind of out of the question. I probably wouldn't get paid for it because the school has a restriction for anyone under 16 :( I have a few plays written, but I haven't found a place to like, sell it... I have also tried to sell my cosplay items, but I couldn't... I am not very good with kids, so I don't want to babysit. I have been looking for websites to write articles for, but most of them want older people... I need a job that I can keep all year long, and I dont need a ton of money. Just a little so I can get extra fun things, and to start saving for college ( I know its a while away, but you can never start to early!) I hope this helps, because I REALLY want a job! Thanks for your help!

~ Savannah

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