Writing, anything thirteen year olds can do. (Online).

by Nadine Badilla
(Glendora, California, USA)

I'm Nadine, a thirteen -turning 14 in January- year old girl who just just loves writing. I'm currently writing a book on the app, "Wattpad." Of course it's not perfect, but I wouldn't rate it as horrible. My online dream job is to write, or... become a psychologist, ir therapist. Long shot, I know, but never give up on your dreams, right? I don't really mind how much I make, but I would prefer it to be at least five to ten dollars. I'm interested in making some money because I want to gove back to my family, since they've given me a house to live, a phone, internet service, and food. What do i give them? A burden. There's also another motive of why I want to earn money; I want to buy a camera and a laptop. The reason I want to buy a camera is because I realized that time is precious, things you have don't always last forever. The reason I want a laptop is because I can game on it. If I hadn't been playing this online game, I might still be stuck in that loop of depression that is, trust me, pretty hard to get out. And since my dad always needs to use the computer for his job, I don't want to keep annoying him by going on the computer to play a game. Why do I want a writing job? It's the only way I express myself. I'm not really a "talk-about-your-feelings" kind of person. Even though I'm only thirteen years old, you can't assume that I haven't been through any hardships, and the way I let all my feelings out, is by writing. If you are interested, please give me a chance, as hiring me as your employee.

Contact: nadinebadilla@yahoo.com

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