Writing, Article Writing, and Sketching

by Ashley. R

Hello owo, my name is Ashley. But most people call me Maddy or Madeline. I often write short stories and draw. Thus, I'd like a job that has to do with either writing stories, or drawing. Most preferably writing. I always get good grades in grammar, and English. So I think I'm okay on the spelling and grammar. The stories I could write are little kid stories, funny stories, cute stories, or even stories that have drama or action.

As for art, I don't own a tablet (well I sort of do, I have a uDraw Game Tablet) So I often draw on paper. I could draw humans, OCs (original character) and ponies (as in My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic kind).

Article Writing, I can do. No problem about that. Just give me a topic and some information on it, and I'm set. I don't really care for how much money I get, but It'd be nice to have at least $10-15.

If you're interested in me working for you, then email me at madelineskellington@yahoo.com. Thank you for your time.

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