Writing, Article Writing, Tutor for English, Writing, Grammar

by Madeline (Ashley)

Hiya, my name is Ashley. But most people call me Madeline or Maddy. I'm re-writing this because I made some errors. Anyways, I'm a writer/author. I love to write stories. I can write any kind of stories if you'd give me a topic. I often write short stories for kids or just for fun. I could write funny stories, cute stories, kid stories, and romantic/dramatic story.

I could also write article stories. Just me a topic and some information about your topic, and I'm set. I'd like at least $10-15, but it's not mandatory.

If you even have a kid or friend struggling with English, grammar or spelling, I could help them out. I always got good grades (B+ and A+). So I'll most likely help out anyone below 7th grade.

If you are willing to have me work for you, please message me at BabyBoochuu@gmail.com. Thank you for reading!

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