writing articles, babysitting, dog walking, creating apps, creating facebook and twitter pages, web designing, designing ebook covers, creating art

by noemi
(new york)

Hi, my name is noemi. I'm 13 years old. For me this summer is all about being productive with my time and using it wisely. So, i've decided that I am going to an shsat class, to get into an elite public highschool. But I want make money for myself and treat myself to lovely things. Being a 13 year old, I feel that i'm at a mature state, and that I should be making some money of my own. Besides this past year in seventh grade we've learned and focused on budgeting and managing our money wisely and taxes etc. So I do believe that i'm ready to start working, i am committed and determined to make this a different summer and really prepare myself for what's ahead. I'm looking mostly for jobs that I can do online and it can work with my schedule. I have experience with designing websites, I have designed a professional website for my father's company and from scratch. I'm most interested in writing articles since it's a job where it doesn't really require me to leave my home. I'm open to creating apps and social network pages and managing them as well. But i'm also open to dog walking and baby sitting if I can work with it. Thank you for taking the time to read this and email me at noemifdz21@gmail.com

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