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by Shahed Hassan
(Carrollton, Texas, United States)

My Art For A Band Called Get Scared

My Art For A Band Called Get Scared

Okay so my parents are extremely strict, so i have never gotten anything more than just a dollar out of them and that's on rare occasions. I honestly am a good kid so i do have a pretty fair amount of friends, but my parents say that unless i pay for it i don't get to go out. I desperately need to get a social life because i spent 12 years down the drain doing nothing so now that i am 13 i just need to get out of my house. I really like music and from what my English teachers tell me i am an aspiring writer. I can draw some awesome anime characters but i unfortunately cant draw online and as i said before have no cash to buy a scanner. I really do want to be able to buy my friend Chante a great birthday gift because despite my strict parents she has always stayed with me whether or not i can go out. I tried asking to mow lawns and such things but i live in a neighborhood where everyone just hires professionals to do it. Plus because i haven't had a social life i can't really babysit due to no experience with infants, plus i really don't want to take the chance of an accident happening while in my care. So i would prefer to be writing articles or blogging as i can handle that and it would be in my profession. I sincerely thank you for reading this as i can't put in words as how much i'd love you if you could tell me where i can find a job.

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