Writing Articles or Probably selling other peoples stuff online.

by Angelina Gonzalez
(Palm Desert, California, USA )

This is a selfie of me.

This is a selfie of me.

This is a selfie of me.
This is me playing softball.

Hi, I’m Angelina Gonzalez and I am 13 years old and looking for extra cash to buy the things I want that my mom can’t afford to pay for for me. And she shouldn’t have to. Selling other people’s things online sounds like fun to me. I believe I’d be pretty good at being a sales woman. Otherwise writing articles doesn’t sound too bad. I love writing, especially creative stories. Or even creating social media pages sounds good to me. I am very flexible. Anyway, I think I’d be good at these jobs or jobs like it. If there are any openings for positions like these I would love to get started right away. Thank you, A.Gonzalez.

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