writing articles, reviewing things, or even just talking about life.

by Amara Bryn Poole
(Granger Indiana USA)

Hi, well my name is Amara Poole and I am 13. I live in South Bend, Indiana so nothing major happens here but I write fanfictions (fictional addons to fictional stories) and often publish them on fanfiction.net . I have been told plenty of times from recent reviews that sometimes my grammar is a little off but I try my hardest and feel the need to learn from my mistakes. I go to Schmucker Middle School. There is a lot of drama there, but what middle school doesn't have drama? When (or if) I grow up I really think it would be best for me to go to New York University to major in Journalism.

Journalism is my dream job, I mean, it's not much of a dream because dreams are things that you want to happen so badly, but actual jobs are things that happen. Things you make happen. So its kind of contradicting but you understand, right? I can't guarantee you that I'm the right teen for the job or anything, but I do feel that if I'm going to someday write columns for Teen Vogue I need to start somewhere. My grades are pretty average. I strive for no less than a B-. Currently my GPA is 3.67 . I know that's not amazing but I honestly tried my hardest this quarter. I really really really want to get scholarships so that I can afford college. With it being an out of state college and all I really need to down the price as much as I can.

That's not why I'm interested of course. I'm interested because I wanted to write. Period. I want to get my thoughts and feelings out onto a paper to have everyone read. People can either hate it or love it (I prefer love) but as long as I'm looking at this and saying in my head "I did this" at the end of the day the money is a plus. Where I live there aren't a lot of jobs for 13,14,and 15 year olds so if I ever wanted to, I don't know, buy a Christmas present for my boyfriend (which I kind of do want to do) that's a complete plus.

I really hope I haven't made you bored with my dreamy ambitions I just really have my heart set on this. Journalism is what I know I want to do with my life and I promise you, my work isn't (pardon my french) crap. I'm not going to be boastful and have pride blind me because I know there are always going to be better writers out there, but I know I don't suck. I know I have something to say to someone (more like write) and I know someone will listen (more like read). I hope you take this into deep consideration and understand that I will take this job seriously.


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