Writing articles, reviews, stories, poems, etc. - Online

by Hannah
(United States)

I am a 13 year old looking for a job. I want to learn how to be independent more, and would like to find a job. Unfortunately, I'm not old enough for certain jobs. I can write just about anything, in any genre, topic, anything. But the thing is I'd like an online job where I can write and earn money. You can just ask me to write an article/story/etc. on a topic, and tell me when you want me to send it to you, I'll send it to you at that time, and you can go over it and tell me what you think, etc. I have had experience writing on multiple writing websites, but I also want to earn money for what I do. I am English honors student in 8th grade, and look forward to writing. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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