Writing Articles, Short Stories and Poems.

by Abbie Harrison
(Cumbria, UK)

My name is Abbie and I'm 13 years old. I love English, and I have always been told that it is my best subject. I can give samples of my writing if you would like, and I can do it in any timescale. The reason I'm offering my skills is that I love horses, and I have been riding for around 7 years now. My family and I have recently been looking into it, but at the closest place to where I live it it quite expensive to board. Below is a sample of some writing I've been doing:

The barren, snowy ground of The North surrounded the girl. Above her, the sky was grey, and snowflakes whipped around in the wind. A tree, almost looking as if it was made of ice was the girl’s goal.
The girl had a dark black cloak, the hood drawn all the way up to her head. Without the hood, her hair was like a raven’s feather, dark and mysterious and, almost of another world. Her skin was like butterscotch, but a little paler, as if she had been underground for a significant time. The hidden mahogany eyes darted around the landscape, and her ruby lips curved into a wicked smile.
Her destination was covered in snow. She brushed of a section to reveal the bark of the tree, where strange shapes were carved into it. The girl removed her dark glove and placed her palm over the first rune. With a sigh, it started to glow. As she went further down the vertical line of markings, they each made a noise and started to illuminate the white, swirling surrounding. When all of the symbols were lit, there was an ear-splitting groan, and a staircase opened at her feet. Without a look back, she descended into the darkness below.

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