writing articles

by Rhea-Ann
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Dear Sonja Mishek or whoever is reading this. Greetings, my name's Rhea-Ann, I'm 12 years old (I know I'm one year younger than I'm supposed to be for the job but if it helps I'm turning 13 in about 2 months) and I would like to write articles. I'm guessing i'll be writing articles for blogs or even magazines (that would be awesome). If I do write articles this would be my first time writing articles for anything.

I think i would be great for the job because I like researching things to the max (I'm hoping the person who owns a blog or magazine will give me a theme to write articles about) and I like the fact that I can make money off of it. I know I'm still a kid but when it comes to anything related with money or something serious like this, I would put all my effort into it and also I hate disappointing people.

If you have read it all until here, I truly appreciate it and thank you very much. If you do have a job for me , please contact me on my email which i'm sure you know. Goodbye and hopefully you actually do contact me.

- Rhea-Ann, god bless you. Peace

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