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by Ann Sarah Chrichelle Serrano

Hi! I'm Ann, A 13 year old female from Philippines.

I like to give some opinions or reviews on new gadgets,toys,makeup products, and more cool stuff!

well,I want an EXPERIENCE of my own,earning money for yourself and what you wanted and more.

I've been searching days and days on the net about online typing jobs for students.

Earning on your own teaches kids on how to save loads of money, by sparing them in order to buy the hottest craze they wanted, which their parents won't splurge on.

kids nowadays wanted these cool stuff below:
*Newest iPhone (such as 7,7 plus,6,6 plus, and so much more.)

*Wii (a gaming console)

*clothes and more!

My story of searching and searching begun when the newest iPhone 7 and 7 plus were released in most of the countries. Delighted by the new iPhone 7 plus with dual camera on the back,Polished Jet Black Color,Sensitive Home Button (adds more Technology for a durable Home Button) and so much more! as a kid wanting an iPhone 7 plus of her own.Seeing her classmates with an iPhone on their hands tempting her more.

I as an Grade 7 student,wanting for more chapters in her life with more experience in being a typist.


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