Writing Articles

by Sophie
(San Francisco, CA, USA)


My name is Sophie and I am a 13 year old girl. I am in search of an online job because I need the money to pay for my (very)expensive hobby! I have been riding horses for nine years now and I have just recently started competing more. I need the money to pay for my competitions and I have done little jobs like cleaning stalls and feeding horses for extra cash, but it just hasn't been enough. I need this job to be available whenever, since I do not get home until around 8:30pm after riding. I love to write and don't mind staying up a little late to perfect my writing. I am not like most teenagers, I am not very "hip" and I would be better at writing articles about an event that just happened, or a release of a new product, etc. Rather than something about the new fashion trend, or the latest gossip. I am very willing to write anything that the provider wants, but I am not very good at drawing or graphic arts, so I would prefer to stick to writing. I am a hard worker and have never turned work in late, so I am hoping there is something out there for me!

Thank you,


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