Writing articles,cleaning ( not my own or family's house though ), serving food, starting a buissness

by Nyah Jones
(Llanelli )

Hi, my name is Nyah Jones and I am 13.

I have a passion for writing and I don't mind cleaning.
I need to earn money fast it's like urgent.
I want to get nice things for myself and other people but never have money. I can't ask my parents all of the time. I was out with my friend and we were having a discussion about jobs to earn money and we both would love to have money in our pockets to get what we want.
Being a 13 year old teenage girls is quite a challange for parents I guess.
We need the latest clothes and shoes!!!!!
Having my own money would be great and I could get myself nice things and go out more often.
There is also another reason. Me my mother my sister my brother and my stepdad live in the same house. My stepdad has 2 other kids so most of the time there are seven of us here in a three bedroom house. We are either gonna move or do the house out I would love to put even a little sum of money towards this big decision.

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