Writing articles/poems

by Addy Hamand
(Iowa USA)

I'm 13 years old and i love writing poems mostly, but also stories! a lot of my poems are a lot like songs also and can be easily turned into music.

here's a poem I've made:
by:Addy Hamand

I feel like a island
Feel so far away
With all the beauty
Without all the pain
But now
I feel nothing
I'm all alone
On this island
All alone
I'm all alone on this island

I hear voices
But they can't hear me
I scream out
I scream so loud
I'm crying out
But their soon quieted
The voices get louder
And I lose all sound

I don't try anymore
There is no point
I never get a answer
I'm stuck on this island
That i had built
The one i had once escaped to
I now have to escape from

I don't want to be alone
I want somebody
To listen
To hear
To speak
But nobody does
And i'm stuck
On this island
I'm no longer okay
I'm no longer fine
I want to be free

But i'm alone
oh yes i'm alone
well i was alone
and now i'm not alone
because you came

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