Writing Job, Acting Job, Tutoring Job

by Justice Robinson
(Lawrencville, GA, USA)

Hello, my name is Justice Robinson and I am 13 years old. I am looking for a job because I am so sick of going to camps and being locked up in the house playing games or watching TV. I want to be out there learning, and experiencing new things. I also want to start having things to put on my resume for future jobs and my college applications. I don't want to be like the average teen that just sits at home all day. I want to be looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge and my experience. I attend a college prep school , so I know how important it is to start now with making yourself look good for jobs and colleges. I feel that if I have a way to start making money as a 13 year old, that will look good and it will be something good to do.

With that being said, now I will talk about what KIND of jobs I want to do. I am a really talented writer, so for a summer job I would think it'd have something to do with writing. Maybe writing articles, or even a summer internship with a magazine or newspaper. I just love writing and I am good at it too. I am also a very talented actress. I take acting classes and I am in all the school plays. I plan on having a career in acting in the future, so it would be very good if I starting working as an actor or next to an actor, or SOMETHING related with acting. On top of ALL of this, I happen to be very, very well-educated and intelligent. I make learning my #1 priority and I take my education very seriously. I would love to have the opportunity to help other scholars with their education in any subject. I love teaching almost as much as I love learning and I think it would be a very good job for me.

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