Writing love story's and photography

by Naimat Ajayi

I am a 12 year old girl and I go to a military school. My parents tell me to go outside and do something but what. I am just a child my dad dose not even trust me with the microwave. But as a child I would also try to find ways to save up for college. So I came here. And when my family is going out they like to take pictures. So I do it for them. But what is a picture without a little story. When I see my parents they love each other so I try to find ways to write the most amazing love story. Then I allow my friends to read it and they love it. So I thought it is time to put myself out there and show everyone what kind of photographer and author I am.

PS.I also love writing adventure stories for when my brothers frienfriends come over anand I am forced to take care of them but we have fun reading my adventure stories because it opens a whole new world of creativity and imagination to them.

Naimat Ajayi

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