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by Rama Raed Ammori

My name is Rama Ammori, I live in Doha/Qatar.

I write poems all the time and lately everyone has been telling me that I should start publishing and selling them online, but because of my young age (13 years old)it has been really hard for me to contact publishing houses.

I have been searching for a jobs that are for my age and fortunately I have found your website.

Id be really pleasant if you could help me selling some of my poems and kids stories.

I have attached a poem of my mine, hope you'll like it.

People move on, but I’m still here with nothing to say
Time passes, but my scars never fade away

Medicine grows bigger, but I still can’t find the medicine to heal my pain
It’s like sadness flows through my arteries and envy flows through my veins

Math grow bigger but I still can’t find why thousand times zero never gives one
And I can’t understand why people want to be the moon when it just reflects the kight of the sun

I put aside Math, science, philosophy and all the logic of it
Because it doesn’t make sense to what I needed and wanted

I need someone I can love and trust but I believe that time turns everything to dust
I believe that trusting will end up with scars and pain, and love will extinguish the light of my stars

I feel that people are like hungry dogs that feed on my pain and fears
And like the sponge that swells on my tears

So I prefer to stay alone and tell my secrets
to my little bear
Because I know that I can’t put me down or judge me, even though it hasn’t got feelings to care

So I try to stay strong but I can’t find the right reason why
Whenever I raise my had to say hello I hear a goodbye

I am very afraid to trust and fall, till the day I fell for you
You gave me so many reasons to stay strong and fight when they were none or few

You made me find the answers to all the things I couldn’t understand
You were the medicine that healed my pain with a touch of hand

I wanted to be the moon when I realized you were my sun
And I understood why thousand times zero never gives one

It’s because thousands of doctors with no patients cant heal anyone
And thousands of moons can’t shine without a sun

Billions of people in this world with no trust can’t love or hate
And 365 days in a year with no months can never form a date

You showed up and suddenly all love songs started making sense
You made me live a fairytale, where I’m the princess and you’re the prince

You showed up and made me forget about my little bear
Because now you’re the one I trust on my secrets and you’re the one that cares

You’re the one I want to live my 365 days, 12 months and my 525600 minutes with till the end of my life
Because you complete me in every single definition of the word by just being your wife

kind regards,
Rama Raed

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