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I'm Laila, I live in Cairo, Egypt. And about a year ago, my friend told me about a website/app called Wattpad. So I signed up and I really liked it, wrote two stories, finished one and working on the other. I have a good amount of reads 400-500. I started to have more followers and be more active and I found that some people created Twitter accounts of Wattpad so I decided to do that too. The account was all about Wattpad and writing then a follower named @WritingSpot_ messaged me asking if I needed a writing job, I said yes and he sent me a link to his website or his boss's or whatever. I checked the website and I really liked it. It pays a good amount of money and it seems fun. But I need to be 18+ to sign up so I just closed the webpage and that's where the idea came from. I started searching for jobs for young adults/teenagers and I found some websites so right now I'm trying some and I need money because I need to buy a new laptop and other stuff to help me get better but I don't want a job that I don't enjoy so that's why I'm here. I hope that wasn't too long and I hope you find a job for me. Thanks :)

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