Writing Short stories, monitering Facebook/Twtter comments, doing Articles etc.

by Hannah
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Hi, my name is Hannah, I'm thirteen, and I, like everybody else posting on this website, would like to make some money. Unfortunately, I cannot find any jobs in my neighborhood suitable for me. They are all either occupied, have a long waiting list (There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood), clash against my schedule, or are for teens over 16. So then after a couple hours of job hunting, sitting on my doorsteps clawing my way through flyers and newspaper ads, all to no avail, I took my walk of shame into my house, picked my my laptop, and eventually stumbled across this website. My job of choice would be to write short shories or articles, or moniter Facebook/Twitter comments ( to be honest, because I can also check my own facebook on the way there). I love the internet, and making money off it sounds great to me, because basically I could just pick up my laptop, boot it up, and type away.

Hi Hannah,

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Good luck!

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