Writing short stories, planning, making profiles for people ,technology, photography,art

by Phebe G.Jackson
(Tucson,Arizona USA)

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to write stories mostly fictional romance . There is just something about a love triangle that spices things up or a super heroic person coming to save the day then falling in love but can't love the person because it's to dangerous . whenever there is a big event they don't call a planner they call me because they know they can trust me to get the job done the right way .my dad sells art and he didn't know how to make an account so I helped him make one then throughout my family they all started asking my help for information on all technology as if I made it . I live in the desert so we don't see much of autumn but if you can get a picture of the leaves falling in just the right shades of red orange and yellow there's something magical about it . As I mentioned before my dad does art work so it's only natural that after year of just looking at it I finally picked up on a few things . Any online job would be helpful but these are the ones I love the most .

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