writing sport atricles

by MIke

I am from Chicago and my name is Micah Johnson Im a

Chicago bulls and Oklahoma City fan and I want to comment on what they do for example in the fourth quarter bulls down by 2 with Al Jefferson hitting a jumpshot with 51.6 sec left. 88-86 the bulls inbound it to Marco Belinelli who drives it up the court and fires a floater and misses it there was a scramble for the rebound. Almost a turnover Joakim Noah saved the ball and was able to get it to Jimmy Butler who finds a wide open Marco in the left wing for a 3 and the game is 89-88. Now back the other way 5.9 left the jazz gives it to Gordon Haywood and fires it over Belinelli and missed it. Noah with the great save and had he vision and concentration to give it to Noah. Jimmy was aggressive enogh that he could've cleared space and take it back up bit no finding an open Marco Belinelli in the corne for the 3. Bulls win 89-88. Now for the Thunder a couple of days ago they faced the Knicks that was a good game it Carmelo Anthony vs Kevin Durant the Thunder led until the 3rd quarter when J.R, Smith hits a 3 over the A'mare screen over Sefolosha 71-68 and the Knicks led it going into the fourth. In the fourth Nick Collison passed it to KD and was going to dunk it but Kenyon Martin fouled him and he was done with 6pts 1 rebound. KD put the move on Smith when he came off a Nick Collison screen and hits a jumper to get lead 83-82 the Knicks and Thunder go back and fourth exchanging the lead until KD put it away with a jumpr putting the Thunder up and J.R smith tried to put it away but with Westbrooke guarding him and missed the jumoer and the Knicks lose 95 - 94. I love doing basketball gamed Im a basketball head and love working doing what I do. Ill also do other teams I just want to give me my report on how NBA teams football should play although I'm mostly a basketball fan

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