writing stuff.....ANY JOB!

by Daria

My name's Daria and i'm turning 13 this July. I hate being dependent on my parents for cash so i really need to find a job. Unfortunately its hard to find a job for a 13 yr old so my last hope is in internet (saved me a few times before lol). I'm looking for maybe jobs that involve writing articles or something...Basically anything that will bring in a good amount of cash (£140 a month would be perfect lol). I don't mind working as long as I get a steady amount of cash flowing in:) I really hope you can help me. I'm home schooled so basically I only learn for 3 hours in the morning and thats it for the day:)

My email is ddombrowska777@gmail.com or ddombrowska999@gmail.com (either one is fine but i just forget my passwords a lot so backup is good)

I live in the UK:)


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