by Trixia Daquil
(Philippines, Visayas, Leyte, Tacloban City)

Me? I'm a 13 year old- turning 14 on May 07, 2015 who just wants to share what she has. I was somehow drawn to a certain site called wattpad and there, I learned that reading can be pretty awesome. I mean, as a kid, well, as a teen, reading can be pretty boring at times but this site changed my whole perspective by a 100% I was 11 that time when someone told me about this site. At first, I didn't care about it but now, after like 2-3 years, I learned that I was wrong to not care about it because that site and also phone application totally changed my life. I've had adventures just by sitting and laying in my bed, got broken hearted by an imaginary character and learned to value what I have and strive for more. I felt like I was in my own parallel universe that I never even thought was possible.

What Type of online job do I want? Well, I'm actually up for anything. Anything that I can do, I'll do it. Anything will be okay, as long as I can earn for myself and not depend on my mother and brother for a while. I mean, I know, I'm 13, I haven't even graduated high school yet but, I want to help my mom whichever way I can, with all the bills she has to pat and even my tuition fee. We're in the middle of the lofe rank actually, not the richest yet not the poorest either. You know, my classmates always tell me that I'm the luckiest girl that they know. Apart from getting what I want, which is not that much actually haha, I have an awesome mom that isn't like others. She doesn't get mad at me at all and she let's me do what I want but, I never abuse that. I go home early and try to give her good grades, which I achieved but it was pretty hard, honestly.

People tell me that I'm very lucky, they say that I'm nice and help people out the way I can, have a loving mother who supports me always and also a brother who was succesful in life as well but my main point here is, they always tell me that I'm really lucky and that I'm like the next best thing to perfect but I'm not. I have flaws and yet that's why I want to have a job, to atleast lessen my flaws and atleast give my mother what she really deserves, someone to support her like she did with me. That's why I want a job, I want to let her know that apart from my flaws, I can support her too. I just need effort and time to do it.

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Apr 15, 2016
Extraordinary NEW
by: Anonymous

You're a great kid. We need kids like you these days. Such dedication to help your family, it makes my heart sizzle with happiness! Never change kid, be who you are.

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