by Ayesha Zahid
(Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

I am 18, female, but I live in Pakistan so being 18 doesn't help because i am still considered a child here and live with my parents until i leave for college and then go find someone and get married. My father is unwell and my mum was a housewife so you can tell we have financial issues. We have enough money to pay the bills and for school etc but I have no money of my own since i don't get allowance anymore. Mum doesn't have the extra money. Anyway, I've been looking for jobs but I can't do ones that involve leaving the house because its not typical in our culture to have females do odd jobs. Here it's seen as insulting if someone's daughter is babysitting or doing odd jobs for money.yes, i know, i don't understand it either. Anyway, I'm good at writing, mostly creative things. I'm also an art student and am not really experienced with online jobs but i'll consider anything at this point. maybe odd jobs like surveys or whatever, i don't really mind.

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