by Chloe Turner
(Missouri )

I'm turning 13 in January and my name is Chloe, , I like to write and put emotion and work in everything I do whole I write. I would choose writing over any job I have. my mom doesn't really make any money and I want to help change things, make her proud of me. show her i can actually do things people thought i couldn't do. I've always gotten A's on any project I do when it comes to writing. I put my experiences and memories and I come up with stuff. I have bad my essays in the newspaper. Writing is like an escape to reality you can put how you feel or how you wish to feel and not get judged by what you write, it reels them in and makes them understand how you feel.
(sorry I got a little off-guard)
Writing can make you happy,sad,excited.. it's really what you put. if you really put your mind into it. you can conquer anything when you write. even if its about sad things, super heroes, comic books, happy things, things that make you, well you. You can be yourself and be proud of yourself. Writing taught me everything and I will always be grateful of what I can teach other people with my writing. I will never forget how sad I was and how happy I got after I started writing. if you truly believe you will be successful anywhere and everywhere you go. you just have to believe, because everything starts from something. This is a place where I don't alone. :) thank you for reading!

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