by Kaden Reanne Witherington
(Nampa, Idaho, Unites States)

I want a job that involves me with some sort of writing. I'm not going to be picky with any jobs really because I just need to make money, in any way I possibly can.

I've had past and recent history with writing. I have had a short story published into one of my past elementary's. I've been given opportunities to be published in a magazine.
I have been writing since I was little, and I've always had a special praise from mostly everyone around me.
I also started reading a couple to a several months before the average time babies start to read. So, I have learned from all of those books.
I can read a novel in a couple of hours, when it usually takes someone a month to complete a book. I'm sure many people can do what I can, but I just think that it is kind of rare I guess, or uncommon.
I am not only specialized in writing. I have always had a GPA 4.0. It may seem easier than it is, and sometimes that's true, just not with me. I have worked so hard and I am working so hard to keep and maintain that GPA.
In third grade I won an award for being the biggest mathematical genius of the entire school.
Somehow, I thought that math would be important for this, and I thought that it would be good to share that with you.
Also, to make this even harder, but better, I have always been in advanced everything for every grade level and school I have attended. So, it would make it even harder to maintain straight A's.
I want to attend Harvard, Yale, and/or Princeton University, and that is the main reason I want to earn the money.

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