How to Make $5,000 a Month Doing a Simple XBox 360 Repair

Do you have a knack for fixing things? Would you like to get paid for doing simple xbox 360 repairs?

Or maybe you just want to fix your own broken XBox 360 so you can start playing again?!

Repairing Xbox 360's is an easy, quick, way to make A LOT Of Money in your spare time.

You see, my 15 year old son tells me that many of the "broken" systems out there for sale are fixable!

So I'm going to show you how you can cash in on what others are missing out on! Take this quick survey to get a Free XBox 360...

Did You Know That There Are 1 Million Broken Systems - Who's Going To Fix Them?

That's right...

There are currently over one million Xbox 360 systems in peoples' homes right now just waiting to be fixed.

Little do they know that these xboxes collecting dust can be fixed inexpensively and very, very quick.

I'll let you in on the little tricks my son uses to make over $5,000 a month repairing xbox consoles.

Here Are the Two Most Common Problems With Xbox 360's

Here's how you can discover these problems to give you a huge advantage.

The three red light error is by far the biggest problem for users right now.

About 5% of the systems with this error can not be fixed. But the other 95% CAN be easily fixed.

So don't worry if you run across one of these, it can be used for spare parts later on.

Here's How You Can Test To See If The 3 Red Light Error Is Fixable.

Take a couple damp towels (like the one you use to dry off after you take a shower).

Wrap the Xbox system in these towels for about 10-15 mintues. Then turn the system on. After this time turn off the console and wait about 5 minutes. Turn it back on and it should work.

If not, try it a couple more times and if it still doesn't work there's no hope for it.


This is only a temporary fix. If you continue to do this it will over heat the system and it will be trash forever.

The Second Most Common Problem With the XBox 360

Have you ever turned your system on and heard a ticking sound?

This means that the dvd drive is broken and needs to be replaced.

Another easy and cheap Xbox 360 repair!

In a minute, I'll show you exactly where you can find the cheapest parts and broken Xbox 360 systems to repair and sell for a quick profit.

Here Is The Exact Method My 15 Year Old Son Uses to Make $5,000 a Month Repairing Xbox 360's

Go to Ebay and do a search for broken Xbox 360.

You'll be amazed to get about 100 different results!

Scan through the auctions and look for broken systems for about $40-$80.

Check the auction information and see if they say anything about a ticking sound or the three red lights.

These are the ones you can easily fix and make a quick $150 bucks.

Try not to buy systems that have been dropped or anything because replacing broken components are expensive.

And you won't make a profit.

Also, keep your eye out for auctions that give controllers and maybe even some games with the Xbox as well.

This will help rack up the price later when you go to sell it.

So You've Won the Auction And Have a "Broken" System...Now What?!?

Test it for the two problems I listed above and figure out which one it is.

If the dvd drive is broken, you can buy a new one on Ebay for $30 or less.

Sometimes people sell their systems without the hard drive as well. This isn't a problem.

Normally, these are the ones you can buy for less than $40. Just buy a new hard drive on Ebay for $30-$40.

And collect your $175 dollar profit!

Now For The Red Light Fix

You're probably wondering...

"How do you fix the red light problem?"

My son says it's an easy fix. But the best way to learn how is to buy a Xbox 360 Repair Guide.


But the good news is it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

I'll give you a link to the guide that Matthew uses to fix all of the systems he repairs in a minute.

The red light problem is most likely the best error to look for when buying a broken Xbox because it's the easiest fix and can be done in less than 30 minutes.

But first...

What If You Don't Have Any Money to Buy Broken Xbox 360's In the First Place?


Just put a free ad on Craig's list for XBox 360 Repair. Or flyers around town. You'll have more than enough business before you know it and you can easily charge $70-$80 dollars.

Microsoft charges $140 dollars plus shipping and handling to fix broken systems.

And remember, it only takes a HALF HOUR to fix!

Where else can you make that kind of money?!

Where Should You Sell Your "Brand New" XBox?

Go right back where you got it from! Ebay is your best friend.

Refurbished Xbox 360 systems sell from $200-$300 depending on what comes with it.

That's why I recommend to try to buy a broken system with the controllers and games if possible.

Every day my son logs into Ebay and tries to find 3 broken systems worth buying and fixing.

He then turns around and sells them less than two weeks later for anywhere from $100-$250 profit!!


If you only bought and fixed 1 system a day and made an average profit of $175...

That's a whopping $5,250 a month!

And it only takes an hour max to fix each system.

Sound good? I don't know of any teen "repair" job where you can make $175 an hour.

The Best And Only XBox 360 Repair Guide Matthew Uses

Matthew has tried and tested some 15+ Xbox 360 Repair guides out there and this is the only one he really likes.

This Xbox 360 Repair Guide is by far the best he has come across yet.

Here are a few features that come with the guide:

1) Step-By-Step Instructions with Detailed Pictures

2) NEW VIDEO WALKTHROUGH!! (This is a huge time saver)

3) 24/7 Email Tech Support

And the best part is their guarantee.

If you can't fix the 3 Red Light Error - and Repair your XBox 360 in under 1 Hour, they'll give you a FULL Refund, No questions asked!

Also, Check out this Xbox 360 Repair review... I hope this helps a lot of you make big BUCKS doing simple Xbox 360 repairs!

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