Yardwork, house chores, and tutoring OH MY!

by Emmaline
(Spokane Valley, WA)

I am looking for some various summer jobs to keep my hands busy as well as expand my savings. Jobs such as babysitting, petsitting, lawn mowing, weeding, gardening, inside house chores, window washing, car washing, etc. are just a few of the many jobs in which I would LOVE to do for you. I have had 3 years experience babysitting (not including siblings) and have been doing many different forms of yardwork and house chores all my life. I also try very hard in school and find knowledge very important, I would also like to assist any of your children in summer tutoring to prepare them for the subjects taught in the following year, or all-round tutoring to help them with homework, studying, and background knowledge. I also have taken various computer and technology classes and have had PLENTY year experience with varied forms of devices, programs, apps, and different types of websites. I would love to participate in online surveys, and mobile app tests etc. :-)

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